We all hear catchy phrases about organizing and tips on how to do this better. In a perfect scenario, we would all have to time to think, plan, and organize our particular areas of life that need a bit of attention and order.

“Life. Well organized.” — this is Lotus’s motto. And it’s a good one. Well, what happens to life well organized when the craziness of summer sets in? What about organization when there are no more packed lunches, carpools, bus rides, and days in the office or at home to keep things on track? What do we do when we are faced with the collision of crazy, fun, and disorganized summer vacations and work schedules?

I am a mother of two boys, a dog the size of a horse, living in a small house, and a perpetual wishful thinker when it comes to organization. I don’t know if anyone can relate, but my trips to the beach look like a person juggling their life’s belongings on their two arms and two legs, as they journey far into the unknown seeking a better life. Or maybe I more resemble a nomadic tribe, traveling from town to town, setting up and taking down an entire household with each move. Regardless of how others view us, I do know the stress of trying to be organized in a less than organized climate as kids, dogs, snacks, things, and more things just keep piling on.

I might also mention that I hate chaos. And I love peace. Not the kind of peace that comes from just looking at the ocean with your feet in the sand as your loved ones play nicely, but the kind of peace that comes from not spending valuable time in search of your necessities or trying to always gather everything and everyone up and move on. I want to ditch the chaos of frantic packing and embrace the peace of being organized, at least somewhat.

So, how might I do this? There are many ways to organize and group and assemble our lives. It’s not easy choosing what’s best for each person or family unit, but one that works for all of us is starting with some basic good tools of consolidation. So, whether you need to pack a lot or a little, attaining some crate or boxed tools to fit your needs to go as far or as close as desired are a life saver for all. Organizational boxes that can perform multiple tasks and take on multiple forms truly allow for the flexibility of whatever or whoever comes your way! If I can cram (or neatly pack) everything I need for the day(s) into a collapsible crate with wheels and a handle, I might even resemble a well put together individual, organized, happy, and ready for all the summer craziness that comes my way. Or I might just put that craziness into my box and keep moving along.

Anna Lewis / May 24, 2019