Halloween is over and the holidays around the corner.  Before you start your holiday shopping and pulling out your decorations, here are a few steps to help you declutter and create the ample space needed to enjoy all your holiday festivities.

  • Start by determining which are the most often-used rooms during the holidays and focus on those areas first.  Most likely it is going to be the family room, kitchen and dining room.  Equally important but sometimes overlooked will be the area created to store gifts and holiday wrapping.
  • In each space, work to remove as many non-used items as possible. This is a GREAT time to donate or discard items not worn or used for the couple of years.  Temporarily store home furnishings and décor items that will be replaced with holiday household furnishings and decorations.  A clear space of non-essential items creates a clean canvas for planning all your holiday decorating and entertaining ideas.
  • Focus on one room at a time.  Clear out the desired items as well as identify alternative storage areas of less frequently used items (i.e. relocate sleeping bags from the closets to an area in your garage, etc.).
  • Take into consideration your anticipated holiday gifts and how much space they will actually require.  Are the kids getting new bikes or a oversized stuffed animals?  Will hanging space be required?  Make a simple list to better identify how much space you will possibly need.
  • Counterspace, counterspace, counterspace – consider now how you will utilize this space when the holidays arrive. How much countertop space will you need in the kitchen for baking/cooking needs?  Do you have space for your holiday dishes and glassware so they are easily accessible?  How about your holiday decorations, candles and inevitable treats and candy?
  • Shop for functional and adaptable organization storage solutions for all the new items you intend to bring into this area during the holidays.  Better, storage solutions that can fold and be stored flat when not in use are ideal and incredibly practical.
  • Make holiday baking and cooking easier by grouping like items by storing all holiday supplies together in storage containers for easy retrieval and access.  Make holiday gift wrapping a breeze by storing all holiday gift wrapping supplies including the tape, scissors, ribbon and tags together for an organized gift wrapping station.

The holidays are a wonderful time but can quickly become stressful.  A decluttered house, donating and discarding of unused or unwanted items and the creation of a simple yet pre-thought-out gift and entertainment plan create a stress-free zone to make the holidays much more enjoyable for you, your friends and family.